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Whether you are reading this as a parent, carer, friend or are on the spectrum yourself, a warm welcome to the blog and I’d welcome your comments. I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition as a teenager. Throughout my life this has brought unique challenges, deep lows but also very happy times. I hope with this blog I can share some of my experiences, challenges and successes with you. My hope is that it can help along the way at breaking down some of the fears, misconceptions, stereotypes that come hand in hand with Autism by giving an insight into what it’s like as an individual living with the condition.

At times when I’m affected most by my condition life can grind to a halt, but that has given me a drive to experience all I can when I’m feeling well. Travel brings a new perspective on life and the experiences it brings have made my good days even better and given hope in my bad days. For me it’s a metaphorical middle finger to a life-long condition. In my other blog (Roaming Steve) I share some stories of my travel and adventures.

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Please note, that in all my blog entries I can only relay my personal experiences and perspective. It is important to remember that every single person on the spectrum is an individual with a different story to mine. I have no medical expertise or training and am writing to share my personal experiences only.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Happy New Year

The New Year is fast approaching and as we say goodbye to 2014 many of us will be thinking of things we want to change or achieve for the year to come. If you are stuck for ideas on resolutions you can make that are fun and (at least likely) to be achievable, here is a list to inspire you.

Daily Photo Project

The idea of this resolution is simple, take one photo every day of the year. The photo can be of anything, something representing the day’s events, something mundane, something that interests you, it doesn’t matter but it must be taken that day. With phones cameras and digital cameras so readily available it is easy to do and a challenge I took on myself. I ended up carrying on for four years, but why? What was the point?

By making myself look for something to photograph each and every day I started to see the good in even the more lousy days. It gave me an appreciation and perspective on my life I would have not otherwise seen. Looking back over the albums it’s what had seemed as less memorable days that provided the most meaningful photos that wouldn’t have otherwise been taken – my family meeting for lunch, the first meal in my new home or the day my Dad rescued me when my car broke down. What memories will you capture?

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Spring will soon be coming so what better time to start planning a new gardening project for the year ahead. Growing your own vegetables is a great project for all the family. Whether you have a garden to dig over or just a window sill to grow herbs and chillies, there is something you could try.

Try New Foods

A lot of us have told ourselves which foods we should cut out of our diet, but how about the reverse? Instead of a list of banned items, how about challenging ourselves to try new foods this year? Perhaps try replacing one item on your shopping list for something new or get experimental with different cuisines and recipes.

This year I joined some friends in doing weekly shop in a Chinese supermarket. Certainly some of the items I tried won’t be on the menu again (dried squid and jellyfish…) but it certainly gave me more confidence to try new recipes and I can now cook up a mean stir-fry!

A Daily Good Deed

Wanting to do some good in the world is a common resolution to have and definitely a rewarding one, but for this resolution it’s not the one off big charitable event I’m talking about, it’s a bit closer to home. Is there something you can do today for the benefit of someone else? Perhaps you can spare some time to help someone, volunteer or even something as simple as giving someone a smile or reminding a loved one why they’re special to you. Is there something you can do today?

Spend More Time with Friends and Family

It’s so easy to loose touch with friends and family, like takes over and before we know it another year has passed. Why not take the opportunity now to put time aside in your brand new diary to spend time with those you care about. Even if you can’t arrange to meet up in person, perhaps you could proactively set time aside to phone or send an email.

Fulfil a Life Dream

Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Perhaps there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? Could this be the year you fulfil this dream? Even if it’s farfetched, why not make a start at making it happen? You never know where it will lead.

Last year I fulfilled a dream of driving Route 66 across the USA. Admittedly I had to compromise a bit and trade the Cadillac for a budget hatchback and posh hotels for cheap motels, but it was an experience of a lifetime and something I’m so pleased I did while I had the opportunity.

I hope this list has inspired you to try something new in the next year, and whatever the New Year brings, I hope it is full of fun and happiness.

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